Monday, February 14, 2005

The Curious Magic of the Blue Mailbox

Walking about town I’ve noticed large blue box-like beings on numerous street corners. Curious as to what they were, I decided to take a break from my search for fresh, non-poisonous berries and study one. For five minutes it did nothing. But then a female approached it, opened its mouth, and dropped some papers in. This seemingly dead creature apparently still required feeding.

Later, a male also dropped papers in the mouth. Still hungry for berries, I decided to settle on some nearby paper to see what all the rage was about. I found it bland.

Soon another female walked toward the blue box and I stopped her to inquire about the papers. She asked me if she was being filmed for a TV show and I told her I wasn’t aware of TV shows. Then she asked me why I was wearing antlers and informed me that Halloween wasn’t for some eight months. My eyes lowered and I noticed she had nice boobs. She saw me stare and to regain my attention she answered my question and explained the system of “mail.”

I found her tale amazing. People simply drop papers in a box colored blue at a corner, and within days an entire group of people they’ve never met, and know nothing about, pass the piece of paper along some sort of nationwide conveyor belt until it reaches its destination. In a way, it’s kind of like magic. Why weren’t more people excited about this? Back home, if I wanted to send a nut to an elk friend, I had to run it over there, sometimes crossing through a cold stream and tip-toeing past sleeping coyotes.

I plan to buy the necessary stamp and stuff some fresh lettuce in the mail for my elk mom. I think she’ll like that.


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