Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Why are these boob things so darn attractive?

I’ve noticed that the females here have longer hair and larger chests than us males. Though I’ve seen some “men” with long hair and that initially throws me off. The fat ones often have large chests, too. But they’re saggy, not perky or proud. Unless they also have hair on the face, like elk, it’s sometimes hard to tell if they’re ugly women or ugly men.

On occasion I see a woman whose chest is similar to mine in size. But they’re never happy when I point this out. It seems these boob things come in all different shapes and sizes, like antlers. But for the most part, these chests are much larger than mine. And I like them. Why is this? What are they? So soft and round. Like fleshy pillows – which would beat the pants off the pointy rocks I slept on back home. The female elk don’t have such boobs but the males sure seem to like their white-haired rumps. I’ve yet to discover if the females here also have white-haired rumps and if I would like that, too.

The more attractive boobs have a physical effect on me. This usually happens when it’s sunny outside and the females show off a large portion of boobs. Usually it’s just the top part. They get pushed up and outward. They heave. They practically yell at my eyes to stare at them. And my eyes always listen. Yet, the women just walk right by without stopping for me to take a better look. Sometimes my pee thing straightens up, too. It’s very alert. Other soft, roundish things don’t have this effect. Not even a ripe peach.

Why do only women purchase them? I’d like to get a pair for myself.


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