Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Grazing Never Came With Fries!

Fast food is a fascinating phenomenon. I always had fast food as a youth, it was mainly anything I walked on. We elk just drop our heads and graze from the ground. But there were never any promotional toys. No plastic goodies like at the fast food joints. Well, once I found a syringe in the field, but that wasn’t any fun.

The food here is much tastier, too. And it’s never frozen to the ground in winter. I like having a wider variety to choose from—not just grass (which takes weeks to be “supersized”). I love the way a delicious leaf of lettuce comes with a piece of meat and two pieces of bread. And since it comes wrapped in paper, no one can leave droppings on it (I think.)

Fast food seems to be a great way to fatten up, as I saw many large males and females eating at the establishment, some requiring two, even three seats. However, these larger people would stand less of a chance of escape from hungry, lunging mountain lions. The cats would have a feast.


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