Friday, February 04, 2005

The Environmental Effect on the Acceptance of the Bikini

I recently came across a very sandy and sunny place called the beach. It’s like the area near a stream, only with less trees and a much bigger stream. And no elk.

Instead, people of all shapes and sizes lay on the beach doing nothing. At first I thought they were dead. Then one flipped over and went back to doing nothing. So I layed down and did nothing, too. Basking in the warm sun felt so peaceful! Other people were in the water, but not drinking it.

The females here are almost naked, like female elk. I’m not sure why they bother wearing anything because their bottom garment is like a string being yanked up their behind. It seemed very uncomfortable. But I liked the way it looked for some reason. I’m going to look for my own piece of string to wear.

However, this attire made me curious. For some reason, it appeared normal for women to bounce along the beach wearing nearly nothing. Yet, I haven’t seen such flesh-revealing outfits anywhere else. It seems like it would make other places more fun to look at.

I asked a skinny, large-breasted woman if she’d ever wear her bikini at a sandwich shop or a bank. She said I was cute and that people would think she was a slut if she did that and the males would harass her. Then I asked her what a slut was and she said it was when a female mates too frequently.

Apparently scantily-clad women are accepted on the beach, but considered sluts on the sidewalk. Society sure is fickle.


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