Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Great Mystery of Belly Button Lint

How does every color shirt leave bluish lint in my belly button? I’ve been tracking the color of my lint and the color of the shirt producing it every night for the past three weeks on a handsome chart made from posterboard and an old antler (one my elk dad once shed) dipped in ink. Yet, the mystery only deepens. I’ve heard detectives are good at solving mysteries, so I placed several calls to local sleuths. None have been returned.

What amazes me is that I can wear a white tee shirt and by nightfall my belly button has collected a nice clump of bluish lint. It’s soft, fuzzy, and oval in shape. But why is the lint not white? Colored shirts frequently end up in lint with the same bluish color. On occasion, I’ve noted, a red shirt will leave red lint. Red seems to be a standout color. Perhaps its association with fire gives it the strength and power to out duel the bluish will of the lint.

Once my chart is properly marked, I store the lint in a pinecone-sized jar. After 365 days have passed, I intend to take the accumulated lint and recreate it into a shirt, thereby bringing the entire project full circle. This is the way of nature. My elk mom always taught me to return to the earth that which I take. This is why she left droppings up to 20 times a day.

Has anyone else pondered this fascinating phenomenon? If so, please email me your findings and photos of lint.


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