Wednesday, February 02, 2005

If everyone gets tattoos to be different, aren’t they all like everyone else?

Elk are distinguished by their antlers. In this people world, “tattoos” are used to stand out. Younger females often mark themselves just above the rump. Usually with a pretty butterfly or flower. The males seem to like scary dragons and tribal designs. Children’s names are often emblazoned on the flesh of both sexes, which apparently serve as reminders for forgetful parents.

I’ve also noticed that many people get tattoos featuring Asian symbols. But they’re not Asian, they’re pale skinned -- like myself. I asked one woman about her tattoo and she claimed it said “princess.” But when I flagged down someone who could translate Chinese, we learned it actually said “prostitute.” Then the lady got mad and kicked me in the shin. It hurt.

There are so many with tattoos, it seems that the unmarked people are the true individuals.


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